Overeaters Anonymous

[spacer size="20"] The first step of the Overeaters Anonymous program entails admitting that there's a problem. The second step is acknowledging a higher power in which to entrust recovery. The third step in Overeaters Anonymous is resolving to put yourself in the hands of your higher power. Step four is an honest evaluation of your life and where your food addiction has taken it. Step five is confessional, and those in Overeaters Anonymous admit their wrongdoings to their higher power and to another person. The sixth step is to resolve that the higher power can cleanse your character. The seventh step of the Overeaters Anonymous program is to explicitly ask your higher power to cleanse your character. Step eight entails creating a list of all those who have been wronged in the course of feeding your addiction. The ninth Overeaters Anonymous step is to make amends to the people on the list from the eighth step. Step 10 involves being mindful of future wrongs on an ongoing basis and admitting to them and making amends. The Overeaters Anonymous program's 11th step calls for meditation and prayer to your higher power for strength and supervision. Step 12, intended to take place when significant strides toward recovery have been accomplished, is to share the program's messages with others in need and help them in their recovery.