Drug Addiction Treatment In The Past

The addiction treatment center has been around for decades now. These treatment facilities first opened when there became a need for treatment among individuals suffering from addiction. In an article published online, it was said that human beings have been using drugs of one sort or another for thousands of years. While this does not really suggest that the same holds true for drug addiction treatment centers, one cannot deny that maybe it has some truth to it. Illicit drugs such as heroin, opium and methamphetamine among others have been used by countless individuals for their physical and psychological effects. These substances are known to create euphoric experiences to an individual using such chemicals. Like illicit substances, alcoholic beverages like beers, spirits and wines are thought to relax and stimulate the human body especially after a day's work. The U.S. government formally waged its battle against drug addiction sometime in the 1930s when it required practically every state to conduct anti-drug education in the schools. This was followed by a campaign spearheaded by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Narcotics (now known as Drug Enforcement Administration) and was aimed to portray marijuana as a powerful and addictive substance that can possibly result to narcotics addiction.

Public Perception Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

General warning labels were printed on tobacco packaging as well as liquor covers to remind people of the health hazards that accompany the use of drugs and alcohol. These campaigns and many others helped changed the public's perception of drug and alcohol addiction.

The Modern Addiction Treatment Center

All along, the addiction treatment center was built to house individuals who require drug alcohol treatment from health professionals. These addiction treatment centers offers not only medical treatment of drug alcohol addiction but also the kind of social and psychological support addicts require in order to live a normal life again.