Begin With Detox Programs

The road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a tough one. It requires mental and physical tenacity to overcome the different processes of becoming sober. The first step for many is detoxification. Detoxification is the process of treating an alcoholic or a drug addict by controlled withdrawal of the toxic addictive substance. Many sober living homes and rehabilitation centers offer assistance in the detoxification process. Many patients will be placed under the care of a doctor who specializes in addictionology. Detox programs may vary but generally they include different types of therapies and medication to soothe the process. The withdrawal process is difficult. The addict has a dependence on their addictive substance, and stopping the use of this substance creates anxiety, stress, and actual physical disturbances in the body. A medical detox program combines the use of medicine and therapy to make the process less painful.

Medical Detox Programs Are Most Successful

The goal of detoxification is to cleanse the body and the mind, however it is difficult. Many addicts or alcoholics have tried to detox on their own but the process is so difficult and unbearable that they would rather continue using. Rapid detox is an option for individuals who are highly addicted to opiates or narcotics. This process is quicker but patients must be evaluated to make sure they are healthy enough to endure the process. Rapid detox only takes a few days, and patients are given medication to lessen to pain and relieve them of their symptoms. Natural detoxification takes longer than rapid detox but tends to be as successful. For many, the immense discomfort and pain associated with detoxification is enough to make them never want to relive the process, making them mentally prepared to stop using. There are a number of detox programs and treatment options post detox, but ridding your body of the substance and cleansing your mind is the first step to recovering.