Recover from addiction

[spacer size="20"] If you are an alcoholic and want to recover, AA can help. As they say in the program, "it works if you work it." Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is based on the concepts that a person can recover from addiction by letting go of issues they cannot control, staying in the moment and having faith that a Higher Power can guide your recovery. Attend AA meetings regularly. If you're new to the program, try to attend 90 meetings in 90 days if possible. Find a sponsor, a longtime AA member who will agree to guide you through the steps and discuss your progress on a regular basis. Perform service for the organization. Service positions in AA can be anything from leading meetings to traveling to the national service organization as a representative. Read the "Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous" and related literature every day, especially if you cannot attend a meeting. Say the Serenity Prayer when you find yourself getting upset or feel like you need a drink. Remind yourself to take your recovery "one day at a time." Call other AA members for support when you need it.