Short Term Drug Addiction Treatment Is One Option

Short term residential drug addiction treatment at an addiction treatment center is one option when looking for fast, effective addiction treatment. These types of programs usually last for 30 to 90 days and seek to put you on your feet and give you the tools to achieve long term recovery. This should be enough time for individuals to get through the period of alcohol or drug withdrawal, but they can't be considered a "cure" for the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. Only the first steps of actual rehabilitation have occurred at this point and the causes of the addiction problem will not have not been addressed without years of addiction therapy.

A Long Term Addiction Treatment Center Is Available

Another option is to get addiction treatment at a long term addiction treatment center. This method is proven to be the most successful for individuals with severe drug and alcohol addiction problems. This type of addiction treatment seeks to remove the individual from their environment so that they are free of the influence and problems in their environment and can focus on resolving their addiction without distraction. The first step is withdrawal, then the individual will begin to address why they have become addicted in the first place and teach them life skills that will help them overcome these issues. A quality long term residential addiction treatment center will also include health and wellness treatments to ensure the individual is in good physical health condition when they leave. Though not everyone succeeds, the chances of relapse after a long term residential drug addiction treatment center are far less than with any other treatment program.

Get Quality Addiction Treatment Today

If you or someone you love is looking for help, you should examine the long term residential addiction treatment model first. While other treatment methods may be more convenient, there’s no point in first trying something with a low success rate as you are likely to have to deal with recovery and relapse cycles that could go on for years. Getting the right treatment in the first place could completely change your life after only a few short months.