What's With All The Celebrities Entering Addiction Treatment Services?

There isn't a week that goes by without some celebrity getting a DUI, or caught with white powder on their face, or releasing a press statement talking about addiction treatment services. Celebrities are expected to party and to be in the public eye. This can often lead to them struggling with alcohol or drug dependencies.

Why Would A Celebrity Need Addiction Treatment?

Celebrities may have money, youth, and good looks, but their bodies are not more immune to the ravages of drugs and alcohol than the rest of us. With paparazzi capturing their every step, many celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to fill empty places in their lives. Being in the spotlight one day, and forgotten the next can be very damaging to someone whose self esteem is based off of movie reviews and tabloids. Every year we lose talented actors, actresses and musicians to drug overdoses or alcohol related accidents. Anyone with a chemical dependency, famous or not, can benefit from seeking addiction treatment.

What Is An Addiction Center for Celebrities Like?

The sort of addiction center that a celebrity might check into is not so different from any other rehab. Treatments include group and individual therapy, medical supervision, meditation and physical activities. Celebrity rehab can be expensive, and the surroundings are usually more like a high class spa than a hospital. Besides therapy and medication, celebrities can expect massages, acupuncture, yoga, music therapy, and gourmet meals.