Addiction Treatment Center: Getting Help Before You’re Ready Sometimes the first time you enter an addiction treatment center you’re not ready to get help yet. Your family may have stage an intervention and you felt you had to enter rehab or they were going to disown you. You didn’t think you had a problem and you definitely weren’t ready to stop drinking. So you went through the motions of rehab but knew the minute you go out you were headed to the local bar. The main reason you went was because you wanted to prove to everyone that you didn’t have a problem. Addiction Treatments: Lying Your Way Through Rehab Addicts are good. They can enter addiction treatments programs and have everyone convince that they are done with drugs and alcohol. Look at Lindsay Lohan she got the UCLA medical team to release her from rehab and say that she didn’t have a problem. She wasn’t even out the door two weeks and ended up failing two drug tests. Addicts will lie their way through rehab and then go out and have another drink or some kind of drug. Eventually, their lying will catch up with them. Drug Addiction Center: Admitting Everything You’re Addicted Too At a drug addiction center the best way to get the help that you need is to fess up to everything that you are using and abusing. Holding back from a rehab is not wise. They can usually tell when you’re not telling them everything. Most of the time, they’ll get it out of you in group therapy. It’s hard for an addict to hide in rehab. It’s all about talking and figuring out what is causing you to drink and do drugs in your life. Sometimes it’s harder for some addicts than others to figure out what that is and why they are turning to drugs an alcohol to solve their problems or hide from them.