Spilling Your Guts In Addiction Treatment At addiction treatment there are a lot of group sessions and one-on-one counseling that takes place. Don’t be surprised if you tend to be more reserved person that you are suddenly spilling your guts. Rehab is an intense experience. Anyone who has been through rehab will tell you that. They make you talk about things you don’t want to talk about. They want to make sure by the time you leave you’ve healed as much as possible. Losing Yourself In Your Alcohol Addiction You used to be able to go out for Friday afternoon drinks with the guys. You looked forward to happy hour. Getting off of work at three and heading to the bar at four. You’d munch on free food, get the best in beer and well drinks specials and then you’d go home to your wife and kids, have a nice dinner and go to bed. You don’t know when between those times and now that you lost yourself to an alcohol addiction. You never saw yourself as a problem drinker but now every day after work is happy hour. Finding The Best Detox Programs When it’s time to finally enter rehab you want to find the best detox programs that are available to you. That doesn’t mean the most expensive rehab; it just means the rehab that is tailored to your needs. At any rehab you’re going to meet with doctors and staff and counselors, you’re going to go through detox and you’re going to go to group sessions and counseling but there are some programs that are more geared to the type of addict you are or the type of patient that you are. It’s really just a matter of what program you respond too.