Is There Addiction Treatment for Sex Addiction?

If you are seeking help for sex addiction, there are a number of addiction treatment programs available. The best-known programs in the United States are in Arizona, Kansas, and Louisiana, but there are counselors available in almost every state. Most of these programs approach sex addiction with the same strategies that have proven effective in treating chemical dependency. Since sex addiction is more common among substance abusers, many chemical dependency programs offer a sexual addiction program or component.

What Should I Look For in Sex Addiction Treatment Services?

While looking into any addiction treatment services, you will want to look at the programs available and the support network after treatment. Since sex addiction is similar but not the same as other addictions you will also want to know how much of the therapy is specific to sex addiction and how much experience the staff has with programs for sex addiction. If the program is based on a 12-step philosophy, check to make sure there will be 12-step meetings that you can attend during and after treatment.

What Is Particular To A Sex Addiction Center?

In addition to the previous programs, look for a separate group that allows couples to work on the more intimate issues of their relationship, education about sexual addiction and compulsive behavior, support for family members and spouses, and advice and care regarding the health risks of sexually compulsive behavior. As part of the family aspect of a sex addiction center, understand an agreed upon disclosure process facilitated by trained staff who look into the vulnerability of each family member and make appropriate decisions about which family members need to hear what information about the specific symptoms and behaviors. This is essential in developing a therapeutic relationship between the patient and family.