Addiction Treatment Services In An Addiction Treatment Center

Let’s face it, there are certain problems faced by women addicts and alcoholics more often than their male counterparts. Our center for addiction treatment has capable staff who can counsel patients on eating disorders, past physical and sexual trauma, such as spousal or child abuse, as well as child custody issues. Though there are obviously more issues affecting women substance abusers, female patients at our Orange County addiction treatment center commonly present with these issues. There are many issues unique to women in recovery to which addiction treatment centers must pay special attention. RecoveryNowTV has lots of success with female patients, because we have a deep understanding for these issues, and we devise custom addiction treatment services to help deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis. Our Southern California center for addiction treatment is a place where women can feel comfortable and safe. This atmosphere is necessary for proper recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Center For Addiction Treatment

It is our addiction treatment center’s policy to confront and settle these issues through one-on-one counseling. Only in this way can you truly put the past behind you and move on with your life. If a center for addiction treatment leaves pivotal issues unresolved for the addict, then you are more likely to relapse when these memories rear their ugly head. RecoveryNowTV will confront these issues with appropriate addiction treatment services and counseling. You will be given powerful and practical tools to stop further damage from old wounds. In addition to comprehensive therapy, we also offer continued support through a premier womens sober living facility in beautiful Dana Point, California. We’ve helped hundreds of women recover from drug and alcohol addiction, all while teaching them how to overcome their past and succeed in the future. Stop living in the past by calling us today.