Over the last decade, the entertainment world has brought much attention to drug and alcohol recovery. While the attention has sparked improved awareness of the disease of addiction, it seems to be lacking emphasis on one major message. In 2000, the movie 28 Days sparked awareness of what goes on in a treatment facility. In watching this movie, I did not get a feeling that treatment was for me. I saw people holding hands in a group and chanting prayers of hope. This was not attractive to me and aired on being hokey. Then, intervention brought forth a much needed awareness of the drug and alcohol intervention process as it followed addicts and their families into the horror and heartbreak surrounding active addiction. However, not much time was spent on the treatment process that follows an intervention. Most recently, shows such as Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, have brought to light the entertaining issues which occur in the high-stress environment as vulnerable people go through the recovery process but not much emphasis was placed on the final outcome of treatment. I am grateful that the entertainment industry has brought drug treatment, intervention and rehab to the surface. However, one of the major messages which is only lightly touched upon (if at all), is TREATMENT WORKS! This is the major catalyst for the RecoveryNow project. Recovery Now and RecoveryNowTV.com was created to bring forth stories of hope. We present some of the most difficult cases – from the multiple relapser who was sneaking into the bathroom at work to inject heroin and crystal meth in a vein in her neck, to the mother of three children who was cooped up in her room with the shades drawn taking hundreds of pills in a day and contemplating suicide. Recovery Now shows how in a very short time, people can regain their lives back and live in the light of hope rather than in despair. Recovery Now TV shows people that Treatment Works. There is no guarantee that a person is going to stay sober for the rest of their life. However, going to treatment will pull someone from the depths of their addiction and help them get to the route of their problem and deal with issues head on. There are thousands of treatment programs throughout the country. There are programs which except health insurance for payment. There are programs which are free. There are programs which offer a payment plan based on a sliding fee scale. There are programs which offer a work exchange for treatment. The bottom line is, anyone no matter what their financial situation is or how bad their addiction is, can get help. Drug Treatment, Intervention and rehab works. Recovery Now TV - Drug Treatment and Rehab Video