Most Addiction Treatments Use Similar Steps Toward Sobriety While every addiction treatments center varies in their approach most use similar steps in their efforts to get the addict to beat their addiction problem. Some people respond differently to different approaches. Some recovering addicts need a nurturing program while other needs a program that comes down on them hard. Only the addict knows the right program for themselves. Still a detox and group counseling along with one-on-one counseling is pretty mandatory at most programs. Making Friends At A Drug Addiction Center It can be helpful to make friends at a drug addiction center because no addict gets through their sobriety alone. It’s a tough road and being able to talk to other addicts who have gone through similar experiences with alcohol and drug abuse and make things a lot easier. Knowing that you are not the only person with this problem helps a lot of addicts feel comfortable to open up about some of their darkest moments. While it isn’t always easy when you enter rehab and go through the process having people to lean on can make it more bearable. Wanting A Holistic Rehab Orange County Some recovering addicts want a holistic rehab orange county experience. They don’t just want to change their drinking and drug habits by going through detox and group counseling they also want to change their eating habits and their exercise habits. A holistic treatment offers a makeover on all accounts. Some people believe that in order to achieve sobriety they need to change their lifestyle as much as quitting drinking and doing drugs. They want to attack all the negative in their life so that they are cleansed all over.