Addiction Treatments: Getting You Ready For Your Exit

When you are doing addiction treatments program for alcoholism or for drug addiction there is a point where you are ready to leave rehab. For some addicts they cannot wait to get out of rehab. For other addicts they feel secure and safe and rehab and are nervous about leaving. Before you leave you should be prepared by the rehab staff for going back into the real world and the possibility of relapse.

Addiction Alcoholism Drug: When You’ve Got A Couple Things Going On

When you have more than one addiction at a time the rehab experience can seem overwhelming. If you enter an addiction alcoholism drug program keep something in mind they will know that you have both problems with drugs and alcohol so there is no point in lying about one or the other. The biggest reason you want to be honest is because if they think going into detox you are just addicted to alcohol the withdrawal symptoms are going to be far worse than they are prepared for.

Alcohol Detox: The First Step To Recovery

The first step toward recovery is to go through the alcohol detox program. If you are going to rehab no matter what kind of rehab it is you will have to go through this process. For some people it’s harder than others. There are withdrawal symptoms that a lot of addicts go through during detox known as the DT’s. Not everyone experiences them and some of the symptoms like fear or anxiety and addict won’t even attribute to the DT’s but they are. It’s good to be upfront with your doctor or counselor about what you are experiencing so they can offer medicine if necessary.