Addiction Center: Listening To The Staff

If an addiction center is giving you advice on addiction after listening to you tell them about the addiction in your life you can’t dismiss what they say just because you don’t like what they are saying. Addiction is difficult and sometimes people that live with the addict or are friends with the addict feel that they understand the disease but then once a treatment center sits down and talks to them it’s clear they don’t. They make excuses for the addict and really what they are doing is trying to justify why they are letting the addict behave and treat them like they do.

Addiction Treatments: There Are Different Kind Of Addictions

There are different kinds of addiction treatments for different kinds of addictions. A rehab doesn’t just solve alcohol and drug problems they also work with eating disorders a lot of the time and gambling addictions and sex addictions. There are also rehab centers that deal with mental illness and depression. Some rehabs offer thirty, sixty and ninety day stays depending on what the addict feels they need or on what a judge may have ordered.

Alcohol Detox: Making That First Call

Making that first call after alcohol detox can be hard for the person on the receiving line of that call. Hearing your friend or loved one break down on the phone can be heart breaking for the person who loves the addict. If it’s your child, your baby you can’t get into your car and pick them up. They’ve just started the hard work part of the rehab process. Rehab is hard. It’s the first time an addict has not had drugs or alcohol to rely on to cope. So everything is real, and raw and emotions are running high.