Addiction Therapy: Who Knew You Had So Much To Share?

It may be shocking for an addict who is in the middle of addiction therapy to find that they have so much to share about their past and present struggles with alcoholism. Some addicts come from a family where no one ever talks about anything and as a result when they are surrounded by other addicts talking about their problems they feel overwhelmed with emotion.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy: When You’re Convinced You’ve Got It Covered

When you are too stubborn to admit that you have a problem with alcohol during alcohol addiction therapy your road to recovery may be longer than those who are able to recognize that their drinking is hurting them and everyone that they come into contact with. Some addict’s go to rehab either because it’s court ordered or because it’s something that their family is literally forcing them to do. In these cases they are not choosing rehab and therefore they plan on drinking or using drugs when it’s over.

Medical Detoxification: If You Are Scared Say You Are Scared

Medical detoxification is there for addict’s who experience side effects of withdrawal during the detox process. The idea is to help the addict in any way possible by getting them the help they need to make it through the next three to seven days. Fear is normal. Most addicts have had withdrawal symptoms before when they couldn’t buy alcohol or drugs because they were short on cash. They went through the DT’s alone and therefore even though help is there they are scared to death that the experience is going to be exactly the same. Meanwhile, you have someone there to talk you through part of the process and to offer medication to help you get through it.