12 Step Rehab Center: Not A New Dance Move A 12 step rehab center is designed so that the addict learns and goes through the 12 steps of recovery as created by alcoholics anonymous. The idea is that if you live your life according to these 12 steps you will continue to life a sober honest life. It’s a great way to approach alcohol and drug abuse because it gives the addict something to focus on and strive for. Some of the steps require the alcohol to be honest even when he’s not being honest and to reach out to those he hurt and make amends. Addiction Treatment Center: Where To Go For Addiction Help Sometimes even though there are rehabs all over the country an addict doesn’t know where to find an addiction treatment center that works for them. Word of mouth is helpful when picking a great restaurant or a dentist but telling people you have a drinking or drug problem is personal and not everyone wants to share their business with the world. Affordable Alcohol Rehab: When Insurance Isn’t Enough The insurance problems in this country are unsettling to say the least. Even with insurance deductibles can be high. The best way to deal with money issues when looking into rehab is by doing some research. See if there isn’t an affordable alcohol rehab that does scholarships and payment plans. Usually, there are and this way you can get help without worrying about all the bills you are going to have to pay once you leave. You’re already taking off a big chunk of time from work which will hurt your family financially. You don’t need a heap of medical bills to go with that unemployment.