Addiction Therapy: When What You Say Hurts

During addiction therapy and alcoholic or a drug user can make a pretty big break through when it comes to their addiction problem. Through talking they family bring up some stuff from their past that is upsetting for others to hear. There is a certain level of embarrassment when it comes to admitting that they’ve either been raped or molested or physically abused by someone close to them.

Addiction Alcoholism Treatment: When You’ve Fallen Off The Wagon Again

When you’ve fallen off the wagon more than once after exiting an addiction alcoholism treatment center’s program, it can be hard for your friends and your family to continue being there for you. You can feel like everyone has abandoned you in your time of need. When you come out on the other side and people still won’t talk to you because they don’t believe you’re actually going to stay clean this time it can be disheartening. You need to stay clean for you though and not let other people’s attitudes affect your sobriety.

Addiction Treatments: They Don’t Always Work

If you are a loved one of someone who has entered an addiction treatments program and they’ve come out and gone back to drinking or doing drugs you cannot be mad at the addiction center. You can’t even necessarily be mad at the addict. They have a disease and sometimes it takes a few times at bat before they are finally able to say goodbye to drugs and alcohol indefinitely. There are a lot of factors to alcohol and addiction abuse that someone who is living with or supporting and addict doesn’t understand. It’s important to talk to someone as well so that you can deal with the anxiety and unhappiness their disease has caused you.