How to Find Affordable Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

If you have come to realize that you need help dealing with an alcohol addiction, but are concerned about the cost of rehab, you should know that there are affordable alcohol rehabilitation centers that will treat you for a reasonable cost, or even for free. For those who believe they are able to manage their addiction without the need for a residential program, the first step is to investigate Alcoholics Anonymous.  AA meetings can be found in almost any city, town or village in the United States and in many places worldwide.  Your local phone book will give you a number, or you can find a listing of meetings in your area online.  If you live in an isolated area or are unable to attend meetings for any reason, you can also make use of AA online to attend virtual meetings. If you think you would be better served by a residential program, your first approach should be to investigate not-for-profit and publicly funded options. There is usually at least one such facility in any sizable community, and larger cities may have many such options. If your alcoholism is so advanced that you need detox, that must be medically monitored. Your best option in that case is probably your local hospital, especially if you have health insurance or Medicaid/Medicare.  Health insurance might even pay for private residential treatment, so check your policy to see what is covered. If you need residential care and you have no insurance to cover the cost, many private facilities are willing to work with you.  A treatment center may be able to set you up with a payment plan that you can manage, or charge you on a sliding scale, or both.

Find Affordable Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Where You Live

There’s no need to add the expense of travel to the cost of your rehab.  You can use the filters on our list of resources to find affordable alcohol rehabilitation centers near you.  Get started by calling today to ask about their payment options.  And remember, no matter how much treatment costs, addiction costs more.