There Are Affordable Alcohol Treatment Solutions for You

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction yourself, or are concerned about someone you love, be assured that there are affordable alcohol treatment solutions available to you, no matter what your budget issues might be. If the person who needs help is employed and has health insurance, checking that policy should be the first step you take.  Even though many companies have cut back on benefits, there are those that still cover inpatient or outpatient treatment.  If you have such a policy, you’re in luck.  Just browse our listings until you find the facility that you prefer, then contact the office to be sure they accept your insurance. If the addict has no health insurance, or it doesn’t cover addiction services, there are still many affordable alcohol treatment solutions to explore.  If the client needs medically supervised detox, or just feels he or she would do better in a residential facility, contact the center that you prefer and ask whether they offer payment plans or a sliding scale.  Many facilities are very willing to work with clients to get them the help they need. Another option for residential treatment is to explore publicly funded and non-profit facilities.  Most cities in the US have at least one such option, and larger urban centers may have many.  Check with your local social services office to learn what possibilities exist in your area.

Affordable Alcohol Treatment Solutions for Outpatients

If you believe outpatient treatment may be adequate, your options expand greatly.  There are public and non-profit outpatient clinics in most areas.  Many private physicians are willing to work with patients on a sliding scale or payment plan.  Finally, there is the AA option, which is available everywhere (including online, for those who can’t attend meetings), costs nothing, and has helped countless alcoholics effect a recovery.  Look in your local phone book for listings.