If you’re not familiar with a program called “Alanon” and you are living with someone suffering from an addiction to alcohol, then this article may be important for you to read. Alanon is a non-profit international organization that utilizes a 12 step program similar to the one made famous by AA. This is a program created specifically for adults who are dealing with a family member or spouse who is battling alcoholism. This program got its start in 1951 by a woman named Lois Wilson. Her husband was the co-creator of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson. The reading material is different than what you’d receive in AA. The program was created for people living with people in the AA program. The program offers peace of mind and stress relieving tactics for people who are living with alcoholics. Being an alcoholic and going through treatment can be a difficult journey, but so can being the spouse of someone getting treatment. Often, the sober family members are disregarded, when in fact they are going through a battle of their own.

Alanon Teaches Hope

If your loved one is in AA, then consider taking part in the Alanon program. You’re going to learn about what your loved one is going through, and you’ll gain a better understanding of their needs. Couples who participate in the Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon programs together end up with a stronger relationship. They’re more in tune with each other’s needs and they become better parents in the process. There are only positives to being a part of these programs. Know that even though you may not be the person who is dealing with the addiction, you may need treatment for yourself because of all you’ve been through. Know that the help you need is available, so take advantage of it.