Most people don’t want to admit they have a problem with alcoholism or drug addiction. They may be able to control it at times (but not all the time) and this reinforces the idea that they can quit anytime they want. Do you find this to be true for you? If you’ve ever lost jobs, relationships or opportunities because of alcohol or drugs, or been involved with the law because of alcohol or drugs and continue to use in spite of these consequences, it’s likely you have a problem with alcohol and drugs and cannot quit on your own.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is Progressive

People generally don’t start off becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. Although this can happen with certain drugs (such as methamphetamines and crack cocaine), alcoholism and drug addiction generally forms over a period of time. At some point it crosses the line and you become controlled by the alcohol or drug. It begins with an obsession of the mind that needs relief and the only way to relieve it is with another drink or another hit. Before you know it, you’re hooked. If alcohol or drug usage isn’t yet interfering with your relationships and your responsibilities, it’s just a matter of time. Alcoholism and drug addiction is progressive – it only gets worse, never better.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Consequences

Alcoholism and drug addiction has consequences that range from mild to severe depending on the stage of addiction. Early stages may involve inability to perform at school or work due to a hangover while later stages may result in getting kicked out of school or losing your job. Problems with finances, relationships and health all progress along with the disease of addiction. The deterioration may not be as detectable to you since you’re the one in it, but it’s noticeable to others and this is where your consequences come in. Unless you get help for your alcoholism or drug addiction, eventually it will cost you everything dear to you.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Help

You may have moments of clarity when you realize that you need help for alcoholism and drug addiction. When you have one of these moments, seize it. Call your family members, friends or a drug rehab and ask for help. Most people cannot quit alcohol and drugs on their own. For more information, follow the links on this site.