Does an alcohol abuse stigma ever scare you away from trying to get help? If you’re concerned about your problem with alcohol, anonymous programs might be the answer. Of course, the classic program for this is Alcoholics Anonymous. The beauty of these programs are that you can get help while making sure that you’re keeping your personal or professional life as private as you like. Many of us worry about keeping our private lives outside of public scrutiny in this age of electronic surveillance, record-keeping and the stigma that can be attached to an alcohol problem. Getting help for an alcohol problem in an anonymous setting can be a very freeing experience. These programs are often very low-key and take the pressure off. When you go to one of these meetings, you might be asked to introduce yourself and talk about your problem, but you’re usually free to sit and listen until you feel comfortable talking about the problem. These groups tend to be very caring about your privacy, and want you to be able to deal with your problem with alcohol in an anonymous setting. You’ll be expected not to discuss other people in your group, protecting their anonymous status as well. This is so that if the member is concerned with the unfortunate stigma associated with alcohol, anonymous help will be there as a tool to help them with their problem.

If You Have a Problem with Alcohol, Anonymous Help is Available

If you get anonymous help with alcohol, you’ll find that within the group there will be caring support to help you stay sober. There will be people there just like you who are starting on their commitment to sobriety, but there are also people who have been sober for years and will be delighted to help, talk to you and be a support system in the earlier stages of abstaining from alcohol. The choice is yours to get help, and good help is out there for you.