Living with alcohol abuse can be difficult and scary. If you’ve been drinking for a long time, you will probably be living with not only the effects of alcohol abuse, but will need an alcohol detox because of the physical addiction. When you decide that you’ve had enough and want to kick the addiction, you’ll want to get a medical checkup so that your doctor can determine what you need in your alcohol detox program. Don’t neglect this and go cold turkey without medical supervision! Alcohol detox symptoms can be severe and quite uncomfortable. Symptoms include: insomnia, anxiety, nausea or vomiting, sweating or rapid pulse, increased hand tremors, various sorts of hallucinations, and in extreme cases Grand Mal Seizures. The withdrawal process can last seven to ten days, and with these unpleasant side affects, it is important to go through alcohol detox with medical supervision. A doctor can prescribe the detox medication that can counter the symptoms, making the process more comfortable and safer. After going through an alcohol detox center, you’ll start to feel better physically and will need to go through counseling. You’ll want to develop coping mechanisms to help you learn how to live sober and not re-addict yourself. Remember how it felt to go through detox? You don’t want to ever go through that twice!

Medical Supervision is Needed in Alcohol Detox

When you’re going through an alcohol detox, make sure you have a doctor taking care of you. A doctor who is experienced in substance abuse problems will be able to help make you comfortable while you’re going through detox and will know of any dangers signs you need to look for while you’re breaking your addiction. But once you’ve gone through it, the healthy life you will be able to lead is amazing. Be ready for a change that will be worth it all.