Alcohol Detox At Our Alcohol Detox Center

For many alcoholics trying to get better, the first step to a rehabilitation program is alcohol detox. “Detox” is such a commonly misused word that it is time we gave it a true definition. For our purposes, alcohol detox refers to the process by which an alcoholic’s body is cleansed of alcohol. This is a medically supervised process lasting up to a week. In our alcohol detox center, the patient’s vitals are monitored around the clock to protect against any of the myriad complications which can arise as a result of going off booze.

Alcohol Detox Program

The severity of the alcohol detox process at an alcohol detox program depends entirely upon how wrecked your body is as a result of drinking. For alcoholics with high daily intakes of alcohol or those of advanced age, the alcohol detox process is lengthy and unpleasant because the body has been nearly destroyed by alcohol. For young alcoholics or those for whom drinking is not a daily pastime, the alcohol detox process is less severe, though it still requires medical supervision. It is recommended for your safety that you undergo detox at an alcohol detox center. In addition to monitoring you for any danger, our alcohol detox center can also administer a rapid detox program to speed your recovery and lessen your symptoms.

Rehabilitation Program Options After Detox

At RecoveryNowTV, we have lots of rehabilitation program options for you to choose from depending upon your circumstances and responsibilities. For people with family or professional responsibilities which cannot be postponed or shouldered by someone else, we have outpatient rehabilitation program options available. In the outpatient rehabilitation program, you are able to set your own treatment and therapy schedule around your other daily responsibilities. Come in during evenings, afternoons, weekends, etc., whatever is most convenient for you. Our inpatient program is highly recommended for anyone who can take the time from work or family to allow it. The inpatient program sets you up in a supportive and nurturing environment with your peers, where recovery is the #1 focus of every day’s goals.