Managing Financial Aspects of Alcohol Detox in California

A medically managed detox program is not cheap. In addition to the usual expenses that accrue in a residential treatment center, such as room and board, the costs of detox will include round-the-clock medical supervision and any drugs that might be administered to ease withdrawal. Facilities that provide alcohol detox in California vary widely. Because of California’s high percentage of celebrities, athletes and top executives, and because of the high price of beachside property, many treatment centers are decidedly upscale. If you’re not a member of the affluent community, though, there are still many ways that you can manage to get the help you need.

Affordable Alcohol Detox in California

The first step you should take is to check whether your health insurance might cover any of the expenses involved in the detox process. Many insurance policies do have such provisions, recognizing that immediate and successful treatment will pay off down the road in reduced medical expenses. Unfortunately, there are far too many of us today without any kind of health insurance to fall back on. If this is the case for you, there are other options. Those with excellent credit and high limits can use credit cards to pay for treatment. If you have a steady income, but can’t manage the credit card approach, investigate whether the facility you’re interested in will set up a financing plan for you. Many, if not most, of the centers that provide alcohol detox in California recognize the need and offer financing. If you don’t have a steady income that would allow financing, look into public and non-profit treatment centers. There are many centers funded by foundations, religious organizations or other forms of assistance that will help you get the treatment you need even if you don’t have the financial resources to pay for it.