Alcoholism Treatment Starts With Alcohol Detox

When searching for an alcohol detox center in Southern California, look no further than the New Method Wellness alcoholism treatment center. Our trained medical staff has decades of experience when it comes to alcohol detox and alcoholism treatment. In order to begin alcoholism treatment, your body first must be cleansed of the leftover alcohol poisoning your cells and organs.

Medical Supervision In An Alcohol Detox Center

The alcohol detox process should be done under close medical supervision at an alcohol detox center. Only then can your progress be monitored and your safety be assured. Alcohol is a strong central nervous system depressant. The human body is quite good at becoming dependent upon alcohol, which makes for some pretty serious withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox.

Our Alcoholism Treatment Staff

For long-term alcoholics quitting cold-turkey on their own, it is not uncommon to experience seizures, strokes or other cardiovascular complications as a result of unsupervised alcohol detox. For your safety, our alcoholism treatment staff is here to make sure your alcohol detox process is comfortable and safe. In fact, our alcoholism treatment center even has started a rapid detox program that minimizes the amount of time it takes to go through alcohol detox. Through doctor-administered medication, we can actually cut the alcohol detox time in half and alleviate any painful or uncomfortable symptoms you may experience as a result of alcohol withdrawal. To sum up, here are the alcohol detox center do’s and don’ts:
  • DO enter an alcohol detox center before starting alcoholism treatment if you have been a drinker for a long time or if you regularly consume a lot of alcohol. Alcoholism treatment cannot be successful for you if you are still suffering through withdrawals by the time you start alcoholism treatment.
  • DON’T try this at home. Alcohol detox centers are here for your safety. The complications caused by alcohol withdrawal can be quite severe. You need to be medically monitored to assure your safety.