Alcohol Detox: Going Through The First Few Days

Going through the first few days of alcohol detox is hard for anyone. While most addicts come out of the process feeling for the first time like they have some real clarity, it’s still is a difficult process. Rehab isn’t easy and you are at a place where you feel incredibly vulnerable and it’s hard during that vulnerable time to do the work. Once you do it though you feel prouder of yourself than you’ve ever felt before.

Living Sober: Why Do You Want To Change Now?

That’s a normal question for an addict to ask who is being told by his friends and family that he needs the help of a living sober center.  If the addict is a functioning alcoholic then they’ve talked themselves out of thinking that they have a problem. It’s hard when you have a functioning alcoholic that you are trying to get into rehab because until they admit to themselves they have a problem they aren’t going to get help an as long as they are able to function they aren’t going to see that they have a realize problem.

Addiction Rehabilitation: Fitting It Into Your Schedule

Fitting addiction rehabilitation into your schedule is always a challenge that someone who has a family, kids and a job. While it’s important to take time out and get the help that you need it can be a challenge to figure out when you can do it. Rehab isn’t like planning a vacation. While it would be great if you got the kind of vacation from work that allowed you to take thirty days off with no one noticing it’s just not practical. So you need to decide what’s more important your health or your job?