Alcohol Detox: It’s Time To Get Clean

It’s time to get clean. That’s the point of an alcohol detox. If you don’t get clean then you are going to continue to abuse alcohol and continue to hurt the people that love you the most. It’s not always easy when you are suffering from an addiction problem to put down the bottle and say that you need help. A lot of times friends and family say it first. Usually, an addict is ready when they hit their rock bottom.

Living Sober: When There’s The Issue Of Money

Living sober is hard if you have a problem but don’t have insurance to get the help that you need. Even if you have insurance the bills and pile up, so the best thing for you to do is to look into financial programs and scholarships. A lot of rehabs offer scholarships and payment plans for those who are struggling financially but really need the help. You need to get on the phone and if you can’t do it then have a friend or loved one do it for you and call rehab centers and see what their options are financially.

Addiction Rehabilitation: Fighting What Everyone Else Can See

When you are the only one who doesn’t think you need the help of an addiction rehabilitation program you need to ask yourself why is that? The answer may be rather easy: you don’t want to quit doing drugs. You have a relationship with drugs that you don’t have with anyone else. Drugs are there for you, drugs make you feel good and drugs never let you down. That’s not a reason to keep using and not enter a program. What that is, is the reason you are one hundred percent an addict.