If you’ve been drinking heavily for a long time and want to quit, you might need to go through alcohol detoxification. The side affects of stopping drinking when you’re physically addicted can be severe and it’s important to make sure you’re getting proper care when do decided you want to quit. When you start the process of kicking the addiction, you’ll want to get a doctor to look you over and make sure you’re getting all the right care your alcohol detoxification process. Going cold turkey can be dangerous, so it’s better if you do so under medical supervision. Alcohol detoxification symptoms can range from mild to dangerous, which is why you’ll need a doctor’s care. Symptoms can include: anxiety, insomnia, sweating or rapid pulse, nausea or vomiting, increased hand tremors, hallucinations, and in extreme cases Grand Mal Seizures. For the seven to ten day withdrawal process, a doctor’s supervision can mean the difference between something difficult and dangerous to something mildly unpleasant, but made bearable by a doctor’s care. Sometimes, a doctor will prescribe alcohol detoxification medicine that will help lessen symptoms and make you a lot more comfortable during the process. After going through alcohol detoxification, you’ll be able to go on to counseling to help you understand the addiction process, how one becomes addicted to alcohol and how to avoid it in the future

Alcohol Detoxification Prepares You for a Better Future

Once you’ve gone through alcohol detoxification and are into counseling, you’ll have your ups and downs. There may be days when you wonder why you’re going through all the trouble. But as you’re stronger in your sobriety habits, you’ll find that an alcohol-free life has so much more to offer that you’ll find all the trouble quite worth it. Good luck!