Alcohol Drug Rehab Center Doesn’t Mean “Boredom Center”

Lots of our recovery program patients thought when they entered our alcohol drug rehab that it mean the death of fun and excitement for them. Newly recovering alcoholics and addicts often fear that their life won’t be exciting enough without drugs and alcohol, that their life will lost all its zest. It’s a common fear. After all, we humans don’t enjoy change very much, even though our past lives as alcoholics and addicts probably aren’t all too enjoyable when we really think about it truthfully.

Rehabilitation Program

In a sense, yes, as a result of our rehabilitation program, the course and purpose of your life will change entirely if you let it. But, as you discover a new life without the strain and destruction of addiction, you’ll learn a whole new sense of excitement at our rehabilitation center. What’s more, this is excitement and fun you don’t have to feel guilty about, because it’s all contributing to the health and happiness of your new life. Maybe it’s time for some examples to show you what we mean.

A Rehabilitation Center With Extra Perks

The RecoveryNowTV recovery program is full of personal time, where you get to enjoy all the resources and amenities we have to offer. When’s the last time you went horseback riding? Or got a massage? Well, you get to these things and more in our rehabilitation center, all while progressing in your alcohol & drug rehab program. That’s right, these activities are actually part of your therapy at our rehabilitation center. That’s the RecoveryNowTV difference! We don’t want you to stare at drab concrete walls all day like at other rehabilitation centers. The counselors and staff at our alcohol drug rehab want you to enjoy life, so we give you the tools and resources to live a life of clean and healthy excitement. Here are some other things you can try your hand at in our rehabilitation center, all as a part of your recovery program:
  • Art & music therapy
  • Yoga, massage & acupuncture
  • Equestrian therapy
  • Meditation lessons
  • Mindful eating & cooking classes
  • Outdoor hikes & beach activities
With  all these activities and more, we’re sure you’ll find your time at RecoveryNowTV’ alcohol drug rehab exciting and fulfilling.