Individuals who are suffering from substance use, abuse, or dependency may be in denial as to the gravity of their problems. The people who surround them, however, may have more perspective on how substance abuse is affecting the person suffering from substance use, abuse, or dependency. Those who have this level of dedication may want to consider having a meeting with the person suffering from substance abuse; the kind of substance will determine the kind of meeting that is needed. One such meeting is often called an alcohol intervention.

An alcohol intervention is a specialized meeting or even simply a conversation focused on an individual’s substance use, abuse, or addiction to alcohol. It is often very helpful for the people concerned about the individual who is suffering from substance abuse. The individual suffering from the abuse may feel that they have everything under control, and are continuing to live their lives in appropriate ways. But the people who surround him or her may see the disturbing effects substance abuse can have on an individual, and may feel like they are powerless. Staging a meeting or conversation with the individual suffering from substance abuse is one way for these people to feel they are doing something positive and productive.

An alcohol intervention may also be very helpful to the individual suffering from substance use, abuse, or addiction. This kind of meeting or conversation may serve as the wake up call they need in order to see the true nature of their problem, and the negative effects it is having not only on them, but also on the people who surround them. Just the fact that these people have gone to the effort of planning a meeting or conversation with them may be enough to cause the individual to understand more fully the scope of their actions.

Once the decision has been made to carry out an alcohol intervention, it is important for all those involved to be clear about what the alcohol intervention hopes to achieve. If it is properly done, this kind of action has the potential to change an individual’s life forever, and to change it in a very positive way. Meeting can proceed in a variety of ways. One factor to consider is how many people are going to be involved in the meeting.