Upscale Alcohol Recovery Centers in California

It should come as no surprise to anyone that people who live high-profile lives can easily fall prey to alcohol abuse. CEOs and other powerful executives have the pressures of maintaining their businesses against all competitors, and whatever the economy might bring. Film and television stars have no security, and must always be looking for the next job, even while they work long days that start well before dawn. Athletes, fashion designers, writers…all those who work at the top of their field have a lot of stress to deal with, and a lot of partying and public appearances that are expected of them after their work day is ostensibly over. It’s no wonder that many of them take the edge off with a little alcohol, and it’s no wonder that a little often turns into too much. Because there are so many high-profile businesses on the West Coast, there are also a lot of upscale alcohol recovery centers in California. Here the client can be protected from paparazzi and can enjoy the privacy and sophisticated life style that have been their daily lot. Recovery is not meant to be punishment, but treatment, and it makes sense to ease the struggle in any way possible.

Holistic Alcohol Recovery Centers in California

Many of the more luxurious alcohol recovery centers in California follow the holistic model of treatment, striving to help the entire person gain control over the spiritual, physical and mental aspects of his or her life rather than just treating symptoms. These treatment centers make use of nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation, massage, self-hypnosis and other disciplines in addition to group and individual therapy. For a list of holistic recovery centers, use the filter under “Special Focus Programs” on our home page.