Alcohol Recovery Programs in Your Back Yard

Often, when people think about alcohol recovery programs, they’re picturing one of those luxurious rehab facilities overlooking the beach in Malibu, where the rich and famous go after one too many embarrassing incidents. Look around you, though. If you need help coping with your drinking, there are alcohol recovery programs right in your town. And even if you live where there isn’t a town within miles, you can get help online. Alcoholics Anonymous is everywhere. The twelve-step approach is perhaps the most often used and most successful of all alcohol recovery programs. Even very small towns often have an AA meeting, and any larger urban area will have many. If your alcoholism is advanced enough that you need detox, you’ll probably have to go to an inpatient setting, but for others, AA is the easiest and most available avenue to recovery.

Alcohol Recovery Programs Online

For those who can’t attend an AA meeting in person, whether because of physical limitations or lack of availability, virtual meetings are available online. If AA doesn’t appeal to you, there are also a number of non-twelve step programs available through the Internet. Holistic methods such as meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga and physical training, and nutritional therapy can also be applied wherever you might be. Often, holistic treatment protocols offer books, CDs, DVDs or online courses that you can use to learn the appropriate techniques. No one approach is going to work for everyone, and not everyone can (or needs to) go to a residential facility. The most important thing is to attack the problem head-on, without denial or excuses. Recovery isn’t easy, but you can start right where you are.