Find Alcohol Rehab and Detox for Someone You Care About

It can be emotionally wrenching to watch someone  you care about fall into addiction.  It might be your parent, sibling, son or daughter.  It might be your spouse or significant other.  It might be a friend or coworker.  Whoever it is who has lost control over his or her drinking, you want to help that person find a way out of addiction.  Unfortunately, your expressions of concern are likely to be met with hostility and defensiveness, even rage.  Uncomfortable as that may be, simply opening up communication about your concern is an important first step. If the addict is responsive, you can offer help in finding an appropriate facility for alcohol rehab and detox, if needed.  Talk with the alcoholic about what kind of approach seems most useful.  There are, for instance, faith-based programs, holistic programs, twelve-step programs, clinical programs and more.  Use our listings to find facilities in your area, and help the alcoholic understand financing options.

Getting the Addict to Alcohol Rehab and Detox Through Intervention

If the person you want to help is resistant or simply refuses to believe there is a problem, an intervention might be the best approach.  The purpose of an intervention is to get the addict into alcohol rehab and detox immediately, so all arrangements for financing, travel, etc., must be made ahead of time.  It is strongly suggested that you seek the help of a professional when staging an intervention, in order to be certain that everyone understands the most appropriate and helpful way of confronting the addict.  The facility you have chosen might be able to provide or recommend an intervention counselor, or you can use our listings to find an interventionist to help you.