Substance abuse is a problem that is affecting more and more lives every day. It is possible that it is the most prevalent social problem of our times. The widespread occurrence of the problem of substance abuse is exacerbated by the fact that substance abuse often leads to substance dependency and even addiction. Once this stage is reached, not only the substance abuser but also those whose lives bring them into contact with the substance abuser are affected. Fortunately, there is treatment for substance available. Alcohol rehab is one form of treatment that is proving effective in the battle against substance use, abuse, dependency, and addiction. In order for any treatment to be effective, it is important that the person who needs that treatment be willing to accept the fact that they have a problem and they need help solving it. It is at this point that alcohol rehab can be the most effective in calming and even curing the problems of substance abuse. Treatment at this kind of program is geared towards active participants who have reached a point where they are open to the suggestions and encouragement of others. This is not to say, however, that individuals who are in denial about their substance abuse issues would not benefit from treatment at an alcohol rehab center. Even these kinds of individuals may be changed for the better if they are in an atmosphere that supports and nurtures sobriety. While these treatment centers work better with willing participants, there are often staff members available who have experience with reluctant individuals and can be quite effective at reaching those kinds of individuals. Alcohol rehabs are bringing hope to many of those people who suffer from drug dependency. Programs such as those offered at alcohol rehab centers give individuals the tools they need to proceed towards productive and happy lives of sobriety. Whether or not the individual suffering from substance abuse issues has reached a point of acceptance and willingness to address their problems, he or she can benefit from the supportive atmosphere and knowledgeable staff available at these kinds of treatment facilities.