Alcohol rehab is the common name for a program or facility that offers treatment or other forms of support to individuals who are suffering from the problems associated with substance use, abuse, dependency, or addiction. There are many different treatment options available today, such as individual therapy, group therapy, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, abstinence training, or withdrawal coaching. No matter what the needs of the individual are, it is more than likely that his or her needs can be met at this kind of program or facility. It is important for alcohol rehab programs and facilities to offer different kinds of treatment because not everyone’s needs are the same. If one form of treatment is not working, another must be tried immediately. If there is any lapse in the treatment, the chances of the individual who is seeking help with his or her substance abuse problem may become discouraged, and may in some instances revert to his or her previous behavior. In order to prevent this backsliding, many different therapies should be available at the treatment program or facility. It is highly likely that there will be some kind of treatment available at alcohol rehab that works for every individual. Once that kind of treatment has been identified, it is important that the individual seeking to end his or her substance abuse problem continue with the treatment regime as recommended by their counselor or other facilitator. This kind of persistence is necessary if the right kind of result is to be obtained. Most vital is that the individual not fall back into substance use, as this will almost certainly lead him or her straight back to drug abuse. Alcohol rehab can be a powerful force for positive change. It can often be the bridge that spans the gap between good intentions and good results, as it provides the support, guidance, and expertise necessary to turn thoughts into actions. Participating in alcohol rehab may be the most important decision an individual can make, as it gives him or her tools he or she will need to find and follow the path to sobriety.