GLBT Alcohol Rehab in California

Members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community who abuse alcohol have issues that differ from those of other alcoholics. It just makes sense to select a facility for alcohol rehab in California that understands and is able to work with those issues. There are often two dynamics that affect your tendency toward addiction. One is the internal pressures of being “different.” Adolescence tends to be particularly hard on GLBT individuals, as they struggle with understanding their own sexuality, cope with family expectations and possibly rejection, and have to deal with other adolescents who may be acting out their own insecurities. Low self-esteem, self-loathing, shame and guilt are toxic emotions that often lead to alcohol abuse. The other dynamic is the peer pressure of the GLBT lifestyle, which often revolves around the bar and party scene. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and may make the search for a partner seem easier. Drugs are often part of this scene as well, especially “party drugs” such as ecstasy, poppers, special K and meth. If you have developed a dual addiction, it is best to seek out a center for both drug and alcohol rehab in California.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in California

Depending on how long you have been abusing drugs and/or alcohol, you may need a medically supervised period of detoxification to ease withdrawal symptoms until the substances are out of your system. Your road to recovery will be difficult, since you will be dealing with more than one addiction, but treatment centers that specialize in dual addictions know how to help. You should also be aware that you may need to work on psychological disorders as well, particularly depression. Facilities that specialize in treating the GLBT community will have staff trained to diagnose and treat these disorders while helping you along the way to a clean and sober lifestyle.