Alternative Alcohol Rehab in CA

Twelve-step programs are the most common model for alcohol rehab in CA and elsewhere. The basic premise has been around since 1934, and is credited with great successes in treating alcoholism. The 12-step model may not be right for everyone, however. It posits that alcoholism is a disease, one that is progressive and irreversible. There is no cure, only a continual process of recovery, and abstinence is the only method. Not everyone believes in the disease paradigm, however, nor does everyone believe that total abstinence is the only way to recover from addiction. Twelve-step programs ask adherents to admit that they are powerless over alcohol and turn their lives over to a Higher Power. Again, there are many who find these premises difficult to accept, either because they do not believe in any form of a Higher Power, or because they believe that their own will can be used as a weapon in their recovery. If for any reason a twelve-step program does not seem right for you, there are a great many alternative centers for alcohol rehab in CA.

Find the Right Alcohol Rehab in CA for Your Needs

Holistic treatment for alcoholism is widespread in CA. A holistic approach combines many different aspects of treatment, which may include biofeedback, acupuncture, meditation, fitness activities and nutritional counseling in addition to psychological counseling. Moderation management, cognitive behavioral therapy, medical treatments such as Antabuse and faith-based models are all available to you in CA. We have put together a listing of reputable treatment centers, both twelve-step and alternative, which you can use to find a program that fits your beliefs and your lifestyle.