Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to stop drinking! Now comes the time to look into alcohol rehab programs. You know you don’t have to go it alone, and there are many caring facilities to help you through the process of kicking the alcohol addiction and getting sober. Most alcohol rehab programs follow a specific process. First, they’ll begin with a clinical assessment to find out exactly what you’ll need as you’re kicking the addiction. Then, medical treatment can begin. This will be a screening process to test for liver problems, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and other common medical problems associated with alcohol abuse. Once you’ve had your clinical assessment and your medical screening, then alcohol rehab programs go on to develop a treatment plan with you. A treatment plan is written down, so you can refer to it clearly to see your goals, as well as have a timeframe to meet those goals. As a way to reach those goals, alcohol rehab programs offer both group and individual counseling. The individual counseling can help with your motivation to change, stick with your treatment plan, and create a recovery lifestyle. Group counseling also is a way to connect with people who also are committed to a recovery lifestyle and can help you feel less alone as you take your journey to sobriety.

Alcohol Rehab Programs Help You Help Yourself

In alcohol rehab programs, you’ll also be asked to complete individual assignments – from reading or listening to audiotapes about addiction to exercises that help cement new, healthy behaviors. Life skills training in such areas as anger management, communications skills and stress management will also help ensure that you stay committed to your new, healthy recovery lifestyle.