Find the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in California

There is no one “best” alcohol rehabilitation center in California: there is only the treatment center that is best for you. You can be assured that each and every facility listed in our directory has passed a stringent examination and is entirely reputable. However, that still leaves you with a huge selection from which to choose. How do you know which is best for you? The most widely spread and well known treatment model for alcoholism is the 12-step program. Since 1935, this approach has helped alcoholics return to sober living. Alcoholics Anonymous, the global organization built from these principles, holds thousands of free meetings throughout California, to help you maintain your sober lifestyle once you have successfully completed inpatient treatment. The AA model considers alcoholism to be an incurable disease, with total abstinence as the only means of managing the disease. It also has a strong spiritual component. Some people are not comfortable with these basic tenets of AA. There are, however, a great many alternative methodologies for you to choose from, including medical, psychological, moderation, self-help and holistic. One of these is sure to meet your needs.

Extended Care Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in California

In addition to limited-time alcohol rehabilitation centers in California, there are also a great many extended-care facilities to help you on your path to recovery. If you have completed a treatment program, but don’t feel entirely confident about your ability to maintain your sobriety, or if you have suffered relapses in the past, a sober living facility may be right for you. Such options offer a comfortable living environment with others who are in recovery and staff available to help you when you need it. You can work or attend school while still having resources available to you on a daily basis, allowing you to make a gradual, supported return to your regular life.