Substance abuse has become a problem of enormous magnitude in our society today. It seems that more and more people from more and more backgrounds are getting caught in the cycle of addiction. In fact, once a person has started using an addictive substance, it is often only a matter of time before they digress into substance abuse, or substance dependency and addiction. The substance abused can be one or several among many. Although this problem does not seem to be diminishing, it is being addressed. Specific treatment is available for the substances that are most commonly abused. Alcohol rehab is one way to treat those who abuse this substance. Treatment is most effective if it is targeted at the specific substance that is being used. This is because each substance produces different sensations, and causes different kinds of reactions. Alcohol rehabs are particularly effective at treating the particular problems associated with that particular substance. A person who is serious about changing his or her relationship with that substance should consider treatment at one of these kinds of facilities. Alcohol rehab differ from other treatment centers because of their specific focus. These centers have extensive experience coping with the symptoms associated with Alcholism. A reputable center that has been in operation for some time will have helped hundreds of people with their substance abuse problems, and can draw on that concrete experience when dealing with other individuals. This kind of center will also employ a professional and well-trained staff, and will provide an environment that is conducive to overcoming substance abuse problems. Alcohol rehabs can be the perfect place for individuals to start making the transition out of a life defined by substance abuse and into a life of sobriety. They can give individuals the tools as well as the hope they will need to stay committed to their new life. Alcohol rehabilitation centers exist solely for the benefit of persons suffering from substance abuse. Individuals who are ready to change their lives should take advantage of these resources.