If you have a problem with alcohol, sobriety is the real answer. That may sound strange, but let me explain. Alcohol problems are insidious. People often fool themselves into thinking they’re “cutting down” when their relationship with alcohol is still an unhealthy one. But, sobriety – that is simply choosing not to drink at all, is a guaranteed way to make sure that you’re not creating problems in your life with alcohol. When you decide to stop drinking alcohol, sobriety becomes an exciting prospect. Yes, at first it will seem a difficult and you’ll wonder why you’re going through all the trouble. Make a list of the things that alcohol has been doing to harm you and what sobriety will give you. How would you like to be free of hangovers as long as you live? If you abstain from drinking, you can be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ll never have to endure another hangover. Ever had a DUI? If you stop drinking alcohol, sobriety means that you’ll never, ever have to face this problem again. Have you ever been embarrassed by things you’ve said or done when you were drinking alcohol? If you’re sober, you’ll be in control of your mouth and your actions.

Stop Drinking Alcohol, Sobriety is the Way to Go

If you’ve decided to stop drinking alcohol and want to try the path of sobriety, there are several different options open to you. You can get help from a alcohol rehab clinic, from A.A. and from several sorts of counseling. All you have to do is take that first step. If you’re asking, “Should I?” then you’re ready to start!