This article is intended to give you more information on seeing the signs and symptoms of an individual that could be suffering from alcohol substance abuse. The use of this substance can be very damaging to someone’s life. Because, of its easy nature to obtain and being socially acceptable, knowing that someone may have a problem can be hard to recognize. Outlined below are some the warning signs to look for. If you or someone you love shows any of these symptoms, you should contact a healthcare professional to find out how you can help them or yourself regain sobriety.

Many people may never know that they have an alcoholism problem. It’s very easy to go untreated especially if an individual has never had anything detrimental occur due to their drinking. We have all probably heard about domestic abuse linked to intoxication. Or drunk driving, which is a serious problem in many areas. But, when someone becomes an alcoholic, they may never fully comprehend that their life has been taken over by substance abuse and that they are in a slow spiral downward.

One of the symptoms to look for in an alcoholic is: do they drink excessively on a daily basis? If an individual drinks alcohol everyday and over one or two drinks a day, then they could definitely have a problem with drinking. When someone drinks they are altering their consciousness both mentally and physically. By drinking excessively in a short period of time,that person can quickly enter a state of being that that separates them from reality. Poor choices can be made during this time period. Violence with friends or family or the confidence to operate vehicles while intoxicated can be particularly damaging.

Another sign that someone may have an alcohol problem is to see if they need a drink in or to start the day or function normally. Many alcoholics will start the day off with one or two drinks. Bringing them to a different consciousness and out of sobriety immediately. When someone drinks in the evenings, that can be a sign of a problem. On the other hand, if someone is drinking at the beginning of their day then they definitely have a problem that needs to be addressed by healthcare professionals. Due to the ease that alcohol can be obtained, an individual will usually need to be checked into a rehab center in order to get the proper care they require. Good luck on finding help for yourself or someone you care for.