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As with any substance abuse problem, you need the help of professionals in the form of counseling and for alcohol, possibly controlled detox. There are medications that can help you detox from alcohol. The reason medications are necessary for alcohol detox is that it can cause one to go into respiratory depression.  Some of these drugs can make you sick after drinking as a way to defer you from wanting to drink.  Others can reduce your cravings helping you to lower your chance of relapse.  Alcohol treatment research has proven these to be successful ways to recover from addiction.

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Medication isn't the only proven treatment of alcohol treatment research.  Counseling and peer groups are also great ways to help control the cravings and urges to drink alcohol.  Knowing that you aren't the only one who is going through an addiction is good to know.  People with addiction are just like everyone else.  Addiction cuts across all walks of life, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. If you are doing your own alcohol treatment research and are looking for ways to help yourself or a loved one, you might want to visit  Here you will find information about the many programs available for addiction and ways to help yourself or your loved one. It's important to learn from alcohol treatment research and get the facts if you are wanting to get help to get through an addiction to alcohol.  With medication, counseling, and the support of your peers, family, and friends recovery is just around the corner.