Alcoholism is a disease that is hard to overcome owning to the fact that an alcoholic will deny that he or she is hooked to alcohol. Alcoholism along with drug addiction are two self inflicted diseases that are ostracized by society. Because there is no guideline on the quantity of alcohol consumption that makes a person alcoholic, most people will continue the drinking binge notwithstanding the effect it will have on his health as well as on his family. Relationships are broken; families are subjected to strife because of alcoholism. Alcoholism may start from an occasional bottle of beer after work or an after dinner drink that develops into a need for more frequent alcohol consumption. A person dealing with a problem or with grief for losing a loved one may turn to alcohol to numb himself from feeling the sorrow. Drinking binges will be more frequent until the time when the person can not exist without giving in to the craving for alcohol. An alcoholic may realize the impact of alcohol on his life. He may know that he is jeopardizing his relationship with a loved one, he may be aware of the fact that he is causing his family unhappiness. He may want to finally end his alcohol dependence. It is common for an alcoholic to dry out for a while but a single drink would lead to another...and another until the alcoholic is once again hooked. Alcoholism can be cured; even the most advanced stage of alcoholism can be managed. However, will power may not just be enough. Alcoholic Anonymous is the answer if you can not manage to dry out on your own. This organization is composed of people like you...people who got hooked on alcohol and suffered the consequences of their actions. As the name suggests, Alcoholic Anonymous would not have any membership records and the anonymity of the people who decided to join will be kept. Joining meetings will be by the member's own free will. Nobody will prompt you to attend; no one will come knocking at your door to enquire why you have failed to join a meeting. It would be to the alcoholic's advantage to regularly join meetings as other members who have been an alcoholic or members who are still an alcoholic will provide the support, comfort and the strength you need to finally kick the habit.