The process of cleansing the body from alcoholic substances is called as detox from alcohol. When a person needs to quit the alcohol addiction process he/she has to undergo the process of detoxification. Not everybody knows what detoxification is or what goes on in the process. Even some individuals suffering from alcoholism, don't know where they can turn to for help.

Detox and Rehab Centers

Detox centers is a place where an alcoholic can seek help to detox from alcohol. In a detox center, the person is given medications or goes through programs to extinguish their desire for alcoholic drinks or substances. Detox from alcohol is a slow process, in is done with extreme care by professional to prevent an individual from suffering a severe withdrawal syndrome. After the detox, when the person is free from alcohol, he can then undergo the process of rehabilitation. In a rehab center, the person is helped to slowly return to his normal self before the addiction. Since the patient is already alcohol free, he will need to patch up the damage done by the alcohol to his body and mental health.

What Are the Effects Done by Detox?

During a detox treatment, an individual will experience ill and sometimes violent reactions of the body. When the body is used to alcohol, it may adapt well to the changes when the alcohol supply is cut off. Throughout the withdrawal process, a person may experience side effects like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. In severe cases, a patient can experiences seizures or tremors, and even hallucinations. In order to control these side effects, the patient is given medication like sedatives. The professionals watching over the patient will decide on what type of drug is needed and how much should be the dosage. Only with the help of a experienced professional, the process of detox from alcohol should always be done as the process of detoxification is a hazardous and sometimes deadly for the patient.