Are you an alcoholic but don’t want the world to know about your addiction? It’s OK. Many people who are in treatment are willing to share that they suffer from an alcohol addiction with whoever asks the question. That doesn’t mean you have to. If you prefer to keep your addiction on the down low, you can find some alcoholic anonymous programs that can keep your recovery on the quiet side. For instance, there is Alcoholics Anonymous. How anonymous is this program? Well it’s ok, but your group may be with people within your community, but they are also battling alcohol. If you want a more anonymous treatment program, consider going a town over to attend meetings. AA welcomes anyone who is trying to quit drinking and there are no membership fees. Contributions made within the organization are what keep it running. If your addiction isn’t serious enough to ward inpatient treatment, then perhaps this will be a good path for you to take.

Private Alcoholic Anonymous Rehab

If you really need to be off the radar during your treatment, consider leaving town and checking into a private rehabilitation facility. These facilities can give you the treatment you need in a setting that gives you the confidentiality you desire throughout your recovery. Don’t let privacy problems stop you from getting the treatment you need to get sober. You have options when it comes to choosing alcoholic anonymous programs that will help you keep that comfortable level of confidentiality you need. The most important issue at hand is that find a place that suits your needs and begins the process of treatment to get sober.