Alcoholics Get on the Wagon

[spacer size="20"] Alcoholism is a disease that is a lot more common than you might expect. Getting to grips with the disease means recognising the symptoms and then more important of all, admitting to the fact that you are an alcoholic. The difficult factor is that there is no established quantity of alcohol consumed that makes you an alcoholic. Should you feel the urge to drink alcohol throughout the day, over indulge in alcohol consumption or suffer from alcohol related memory lapses, then the bad news is that there is a high possibility of being an alcoholic. The good news is that there is a cure and with a good dose of patience, perseverance and will power, even the worst cases have been known to overcome the disease. The first step then is self control and to assist this, the second step is to attend a self help group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization consisting of people who currently are or have been alcoholics. These people have the experience of knowing what life means as an alcoholic and how difficult it is to admit to it and eventually stop. The consequences of being an alcoholic could mean loosing your job or even your partner, and these people will be able to guide you through all of these problems and show you the dry way out. The other positive thing about Alcoholics Anonymous is that as its members have already been through what you are currently dealing with, nobody will look down on you, judge you or criticise you and they will give you strength. It really is the ideal venue for coming to terms with alcoholism and getting back on track. The organization Alcoholics Anonymous is just what is says, a group of unidentified alcoholics whose identity is not made public. Assisting Alcoholics Anonymous, does not involve any type of attendance records or membership details. This is a great aid when it comes to focusing all your energies on stopping alcohol consumption as you can be assured that nobody around you will see you as a failure, but as a person with courage. Alcoholics Anonymous is a non profit making organisation with no commercial interests whatsoever. No membership records are kept and should you not attend a meeting, no one will question you. You are in effect free to come and go as you wish. One very normal fear is that you will come across a family member, close friend or work colleague at the local Alcoholics Anonymous center and that your secret will be discovered. Don't forget that you are all in the same boat, suffering from the same problems and that this great organization will only put your best interests first and will never reveal your identity to the outside.