A question often asked by those whose lives are affected by a drunken partner, family member, or friend, is why does there seem to be such a major difficulty getting boozers to moderate their drinking or sober up altogether? Well, first is there's that all too common trait known as denial. Denial allows far too many drinkers and drug dependent people to think they don't have a problem. Until a drunk actually admits to their addiction with alcohol, there will be slim chance of them taking positive steps towards seeking a solution to their malady. Pride is another obstacle. Even when an alcoholic does throw in the towel, reaching out for help from others often proves too difficult. This is when Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings can come in very useful. Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings Offer a Lifeline You may or may not have heard of a fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Over the years it has helped millions of alcoholics and heavy drinkers sober up and stay stopped. The drawback with AA is that it requires the one with the problem to turn up in person and sit amongst a room full of strangers. This is no easy first step for anyone, let alone a solitary drunk who is probably carrying around decades of built up shame, remorse, and guilt due to a string of bad events caused by years of binging on booze. So many drunks live in denial and carry around with them a false pride which hinders their chances of recovery. Alcoholics are often branded by medical experts as egomaniacs with inferiority complexes, thus making them difficult to treat. Having such a warped self image is one reason why it takes a long time before an active alcoholic surrenders. So when it's suggested that they reach out and ask for help from a bunch of total strangers in an AA meeting, it's hardly surprising that many opt not to. Such a suggestion is simply too big an ordeal in those early days of sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings offer a much gentler and a totally anonymous introduction to those seeking rescue from a fate worse than death. Anyone with a computer and connection to the internet can login to an AA online program. From the privacy of home, the curious one can lurk in forums and listen into live meetings without identifying themselves or participating in any way. It really is a great approach for the newly sober (or still drinking) individual to learn about alcoholism and how to recover from it. You're not alone with AA Online Meetings Alcoholism is often called the lonely disease because many problem drinkers feel isolated and cut off from the real world. Even those who still have jobs and are surrounded by family and friends are unable to shrug off this feeling of isolation. In fact, the more they are surrounded by their fellows, the lonelier they become. True loneliness is not determined by being alone, but by feeling alone, and there are few who feel more solitary than those who live for the bottle. Tapping into AA online meetings is the first step towards connecting again with others. It's a virtual world where problem drinkers get to associate with, and relate to like minded folks who have found a solution to their troubles. An alcoholic's recovery is maintained by reaching out and helping the alcoholic who still suffers. One of the AA slogans goes; 'You can't keep it unless you give it away!' and it's a method that appears to work very well for those who practice it, whether through the virtual world or the real!