There are millions of people that with Alcoholics Anonymous, sobriety became a reality. That’s because this program is dedicated to helping people with a severe addiction to alcohol, but a strong will to quit, defeat their demon. If you are an alcoholic and you think you can respond to the 12 step program that is the crucial part of Alcoholics Anonymous, sobriety can be a reality for you too. The program has been helping people with alcohol addictions since the 1930s, so obviously there is a good success rate. Sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous happens because members no longer want to drink. When you join AA, you must be willing to attempt to stay sober during the recovery process. There is no longer an acceptable amount of alcohol to drink, unless you count none as an acceptable amount. Don’t expect to use AA to control your drinking, as this program is only designed to help people be rid of their addiction, not find their useable amount.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Sobriety Go Hand in Hand

Alcoholics Anonymous is a successful organization because it covers so many important levels of defeating an addiction. No stress is put anyone to come up with payments, because there are no membership fees. You are surrounded by people just like you when you attend meetings, so you have an established support group. You also have a 12 step program laid out for you that has a proven record of success, so you can be sure you’re in an organization that will help you reach sobriety.